Where Is Ranked Choice Voting Used?


Cities and states across the country have adopted ranked choice voting. Here are just a few examples.


States That Use Ranked Choice Voting

Cities That Use Ranked Choice Voting

  • Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN elect their mayors and city councillors via ranked choice voting.
  • Four California cities -- Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Leandro -- use ranked choice voting for all city offices.
  • Other ranked choice cities include Telluride, CO; Cambridge, MA; Tacoma Park, MD; and Portland, ME.
  • Voters in Memphis, TN and Santa Fe, NM have adopted ranked choice voting and are awaiting their first ranked choice elections.

Other Ranked Choice Voting Jurisdictions

  • Iowa, Texas, Utah, and Virginia all permit parties to use ranked choice voting in their local nominating contests. 
  • Colleges around the country use ranked choice voting to elect their campus student councils. The University of Virginia has used ranked choice ballots since 2003.
  • Outside the U.S., ranked choice voting is used nationwide in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Malta, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.