Ranked Choice Voting Legislation in Virginia


Delegates Nick Freitas (R - Culpeper) and Patrick Hope (D - Arlington) have sponsored HB2097 to bring ranked choice voting to Virginia. The bill would grant Virginia cities and counties the option to use RCV in their local elections. Utah passed a similar bill just last year.

Virginia's 2019 legislative session runs just six weeks, so we're hard at work to mobilize supporters.

How can you help?

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  • See if you live in one of our target districts using this map. These 22 Delegates sit on the Privileges & Elections committee that reviews the bill first, so they're our top priority for rallying support. Calling your Delegate (or visiting in person) is the best way to let them know you're ready for ranked choice voting.

The following sites also provide great General Assembly resources:

  • You can look up your local representatives with the Who's My Legislator tool.
  • Virginia's Lobbyist-in-a-Box tool offers automated e-mail updates for tracking your favorite bills.
  • Richmond Sunlight provides easy-to-use tools for following legislation.
  • The Virginia Public Access Project publishes a Citizen's Guide to effectively lobbying your local legislators.

If you'd like to learn more about our past work in bringing RCV to Virginia, take a look at our 2018 round-up.