Ranked Choice Voting Legislation in Virginia


Virginia saw two ranked choice voting bills in 2018:

  • Delegate Nick Freitas (Culpeper) sponsored HB553, which would permit Virginia cities and counties to use RCV in their local elections. 
  • Delegate Patrick Hope (Arlington) sponsored HB932, which would authorize Arlington County to use RCV in its local Board elections.

Both bills were local options, which means they permit localities to adopt RCV without mandating use by the state.

  • According to an independent audit by election administrators at the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center, all but 13 of Virginia’s 133 cities and counties already have RCV-capable election equipment. (The 13 that don’t have outdated machines that are due for upgrades soon. Nearly all modern voting machines are RCV-capable.)

Both bills passed committee with overwhelming bipartisan support and were referred to appropriations, where they stalled in the waning hours before the session's "crossover" midpoint.

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The following sites also provide great General Assembly resources:

  • Virginia's Lobbyist-in-a-Box tool offers automated e-mail updates for tracking your favorite bills.
  • Richmond Sunlight provides easy-to-use tools for following legislation.
  • The Virginia Public Access Project publishes a Citizen's Guide to effectively lobbying your local legislators.