How Does Ranked Choice Voting Promote Clean Campaigning?

The Mayor of Minneapolis Explains.


Elections across our country have grown bitter and divisive. Virginia is no exception. But ranked choice voting can help. Hear how from the Mayor of Minneapolis, where voters have used ranked choice ballots to elect their city council since 2009.

What it meant as a candidate is that the campaign was remarkably positive. There was relatively little elbowing and attacking. There was some, but relatively little, because, of course, every candidate wanted to be the second choice of their opponents' supporters. 

-- Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges

In ranked choice elections, candidates can't afford to focus only on their base. They have to build a broad coalition of majority support. The result is cleaner campaigning focused on the issues that matter to a wide range of voters. 

To read more testimony from candidates and citizens across the country who've used ranked choice voting, visit the FairVote national website. To learn more about why the Twin Cities love ranked choice voting, check out this recent article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where candidates praised the positive tone and record turnout in their 2017 elections.