Ranked Choice Voting Legislation in Congress

The Fair Representation Act



In June 2017, Virginia Congressman Don Beyer (VA-8) introduced the Fair Representation Act (HR 3057), which would institute ranked choice voting for U.S. Congressional elections nationwide.

I’m sponsoring the Fair Representation Act because Congress is broken. It is hyper-partisan. It is far too polarized. The Fair Representation Act creates a structure where members of Congress are incentivized to work together. This is the right thing to do to give voters the strong voice that they deserve in our elections.

-- Congressman Don Beyer (VA-08)

The Act was drafted in partnership with the national FairVote office and cosponsored by Representatives from California, Maryland, and Tennessee. Though FairVote Virginia focuses on state and local elections, we applaud Congressman Beyer and his cosponsors for promoting more competitive, representative elections for "The People's House".